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Expecting mothers do need ultimate care and they go with the three stages as well. All expecting mothers do go through three stages in their pregnancy life-like, prenatal, antenatal, and postnatal care. Each stage covers all the essentials that they need to have for smooth pregnancy and labour. These caring procedures ensure a healthy going for both the mother and the newborn. So, the same, expectant couple can have wise communication with the service provider, because the care for a pregnant woman is a combined effort between the doctor and the expectant couple. 


The guide for trimesters is ideally included in both prenatal care which is before birth and post-natal care which is after birth. Every stage is important to the core and so is the order it takes as pre pregnancy, pregnancy and labour. Such treatment procedures in the Ayurveda treatment in Dubai ensures that every stage is healthy and easy to deliver. 


The caring procedure starts from day one when you realise you are pregnant. The initial care is Prenatal care where a pregnant woman is starting to take extra care of her body. Such care from the initial stage itself can reduce the risks in the pregnancy and rule out all the complications during the delivery. 


You can be safe with no complications when you consult with a doctor right from the initial stage. Even before planning a pregnancy, it goes through a stage where medical attention is extremely important and similarly the checkup at all the stages as well. During pregnancy, a regular checkup is vital on a frequent basis so as to keep yourself safe from many health conditions. 


Prenatal and Postnatal Care

The caring procedure begins long before itself, to be specific at least three months before you begin trying to conceive.  Safe and healthy delivery is guaranteed to result from efficient prenatal care and the mothers who received prenatal are less likely to have a low birth weight.  

Prenatal care helps decrease risks during pregnancy and it has been proven for many cases as well. It is recommended for regular visits to the doctor as it can help you have healthy monitoring of the pregnancy which is ideally important with the proper scannings. Following such an approach can bring you to ease in identifying any problems or complications before they become serious.


This extra care period in the Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai demands the ultimate healthy habits to have to deal with, together we need to avoid all the unhealthy habits. 


  • Say no to smoking and Alcohol
  • Make sure you intake folic acid supplements as suggested by the doctor
  • Feel free to discuss the health concerns with the doctor regarding all the medical conditions and the prescription drugs you are taking.
  • Keep yourself safe against toxic substances and chemicals at home.


The pregnancy stage as well as the post-delivery period is the time when both the mother and the child need to be subjected to the ultimate care and Kerala Ayurveda massage. To carry out the procedure in a very safe manner there are certain points to be focused on, they are:


  •  Make sure you are getting safe and pure water for drinking purposes. It is specifically mentioned because access to impure water can cause serious health issues which could evenly affect both the baby and the mother.
  • It is important to have vaccinations done at the right slots and times. Soon after the delivery make sure you provide the child with tetanus immunisation as tetanus is a severe problem that has been observed locally.
  • The mother as well as the mother-to-be needs to be provided with better access to appropriate maternity care, which can be either provided with the help of a professional midwife or Ayurvedic medical practitioner.
  •  A trained birth attendee is a must-have during the delivery because being the expert they can provide the inner strength you need to achieve at the time of delivery.
  • Giving birth to a child is considered to be divine and the same has to happen in a clean environment. It is very important as the baby’s hygiene and giving birth in an unclean environment would make the newborn susceptible to diseases.  
  • Both the mother and the child need to be ensured with easy access to specialist care as and when required.
  • The pregnant mother needs to be screened for complications and has to be always watchful for the delivery indicators of complications in all women.
  • The care specifically mentions the inclusion of readily available emergency obstetric care.
  • The care for pregnant women begins from within and to achieve the same the women need to be educated and informed about their pregnancy and birth. Knowing the same can make them prepared for the warning signs of emergencies. These kinds of preparatory methods can make them know what to expect.
  • Family planning services also become easy with such provided care. 

In order to reduce mortality and morbidity associated with pregnancy, pregnancy care and post-delivery care at the Ayurvedic clinic in Dubai plays an important role.

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