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Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment in Dubai

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment in Dubai 

Ayurcare adopts a traditional healing methodology of Kerala Ayurveda massage accompanied by modern care. The Ayurvedic weight loss treatment at Ayurcare transforms your health to a new road. Weight loss treatment can be the ultimate solution to the disease factor called obesity. And currently a majority of the population is facing this issue. 

Moreover, Ayurveda has the solution for this huge concern, and Ayurcare offers the best Ayurvedic massage in Dubai, UAE is in the path of this ancient system of medicine that will help you lose stubborn fat. The main focus lies in igniting your digestive fire and the natural therapies we focus on is a technique towards exercise-resistant fat burning. 

Obesity – Overview 

Obesity is a medical condition that gets evaluated based on the fat distribution in your body and refers to excessive body fat. The Body Mass Index of your body indicates obesity or overweight status which occurs with an imbalance in calorie consumption and calorie loss, ideally when the former is higher than the latter. For a human body, it is ideal to hold the weight that suits your height and if it is beyond, then it becomes essential to reduce the weight to avoid the subjection of other diseases associated with obesity. Obesity counts as more than just a cosmetic concern as it can take more severe health risks like heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, back pain, high blood pressure, bone diseases, brain stroke, and some cancers as well. As per the Ayurvedic doctors in Dubai, several chronic illnesses come along with the condition of obesity and being obese is the fifth leading cause of death worldwide.

How is Obesity Caused? 

There can be numerous factors that would pave the way to the disease or stage called obesity. This disease condition happens to open up the channel of your body to many other health risks like diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, etc. So, obesity is ideally a pathway to much worse risks that can hurt your health and will take you on to the more serious condition from which you might be able to take a U-turn.Obesity is not something that is caused by eating more in quantity but the combination of the elements such as genetics, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, age, pregnancy, stress, insomnia, and more can also push you into a stage of being overweight. 

How can you tell if your body weight is high or your body is highly obese? Calculate your Body Mass Index and it tells how much you count towards the obesity factor by dividing your body weight by the square of the height in metres. If the result shows some value above 30, you are obese and something below 18.5 tells you are underweight. A BMI value between 18.5-24.9 speaks to your health being normal while a value of 25.0 -29.9 is something that tells your weight is high. 

Weight-loss Therapies at Ayurcare 

Ayurcare offers an Ayurvedic weight loss treatment procedure for losing weight which includes different sorts of massage practices and Ayurvedic medicines for fat loss together to adapt to certain lifestyle changes. Our weight management therapy and relaxation massage, Dubai, is thoroughly based on natural treatment practices to which more and more people get attracted and visit us as we put forward something with no surgery or strict diet plans. 

Ayurcare’s recommended approach for obesity, weight control, and weight loss, in short, overweight treatments include:

It is an anti-cellulite powder massage, in which herbal powder /herbal powder mixed with oil is rubbed in the body in the direction opposite to hair follicles.

It improves blood flow, revitalizes skin tone, enhances fat burn and thereby helps in weight reduction.

This Ayurvedic treatment is the heart of Ayurvedic weight loss therapies. It is a treatment that not only enhances weight loss but also helps with the reduction of cellulite and various other concerns. It is Extensively recommended in treating inflammatory diseases. The fermented liquid obtained after fermenting cereals and other herbs is poured over the body.

In some cases our Doctor may advise oral medications to boost metabolism and there by help in weight reduction.Ayurcare in Dubai aids you in losing weight and puts you on medication with Ayurvedic herbs which become part of your diet during the treatment time. Specialised Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss are induced and the tremendous potential that each herb is known for works on you well with the other procedures that are included in the therapy for weight loss. 

Detox therapy is very effective Ayurvedic treatment method that helps to eliminate accumulated toxins in our body, cleanses the intestines and enhances circulation to the skin. It includes balancing the equilibrium of digestive fire and bring all the toxins from periphery to the gastrointestinal tract. And then eliminated from there.

In weight loss therapies, Detoxification plays an important role as it eliminates toxins out of the body

Why Ayurveda and Ayurcare?

According to Ayurveda, obesity is a disease condition and the disorder is the disability of bio-digestive fire to burn the excess fats formed in the body. Ayurcare adopts Ayurvedic therapeutic methodologies and focuses on re-igniting the digestive fires and burning out the digestive-resistant fat depositions in the body. We focus on lifestyle modification therapies and introduce the necessary changes in your diet and regular exercise. 

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