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About Us

Ayurcare – Ayurvedic Wellness Centre LLC is one of the pioneering health institutions in Dubai, providing quality services in ancient Indian System of remedy, Ayurveda. Ayurcare started operations in the year 2010 and have illustrious record in Ayurvedic therapies, both curative and preventive. Ayurcare is managed by qualified professionals with experience and expertise in the traditional systems of Ayurveda. This professional institution is registered with Dubai Health Authority and consists of team of licensed Doctors (both male and female)and therapists  of Ayurveda .We have separate wings  for gents and ladies & We provide valet parking facility also. We have a comprehensive range of patients from all nationalities.

This institution offers alternative therapies with all the necessary facilities and conventions essential for the natural system of healing and rejuvenation. We provide all kind of Ayurvedic therapies, slimming therapy, herbal beauty care, preventive methods of degenerative and autoimmune diseases, disease specific treatments & medicines, Ayurvedic ophthalmology, stress management, personalized life style modifications, hair &skincare therapies, & body type analysis. The centre’s mission is to help people tune their lives in natural way with the right blend of Ayurvedic methods.