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Each individual is different and every height and sex is waved with a certain weight strategy and anything more means you are having obesity. Any body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more is termed to be obese and this condition is severe in many nowadays. It is mainly due to the inactive lifestyle many opt for in their busy life schedule. Today, people are less physically active now as they spend more time sitting still in their offices and the travelling mode also has changed from walking to cars and buses. Due to all these reasons, the calories stored in the body are not getting a chance to burn out into energy and they are getting stored as fat. 


Belly fat is always a concern for many, and many are heavily concerned about how to lose belly fat. Belly fat is the accumulation of Kapha that arises from eating fatty foods, sweets and desserts. When they are not ideally burned out the disorder of fat tissue and metabolism takes birth, which is also called obesity. 


To aid in this major cause, it is better to opt for Ayurveda Dubai as your health partner, which has a safe and sure way to reduce belly fat and lose weight. 


Ayurveda and Obesity


Ayurveda treatment in Dubai mainly deals with the perfect balance of three doshas and is vital in a healthy lifestyle. Any imbalance caused among the Vata, Pitta and Kapha can gradually lead to severe health issues. Among these three, the Kapha dosha is the main characteristic leading to obesity. Kapha and obesity are ideally correlated in such a way that if the Kapha is high, then it may cause the chance of being obese, and vice versa. So when you are to opt for Ayurveda for weight loss, then the approach is to create the balance among the dosha. It is to rule out the excess weight or in turn the excess kapha which would bring ease in life as well. 


How to lose weight with Ayurveda?


Completely Avoid the Processed Foods

Processed foods, if eaten in excess, are very difficult to digest and cause an increase in the level of undigested food wastes or Ama. According to Ayurvedic centres in Dubai, ama builds up in the digestive tract and with heavy food intake, the digestive tract functions slowly causing a rise for Variable Agni and eventually Dull Agni. The agni varieties in turn in our tissue fires pave way for dull tissue metabolism causing hindrance to the development of the fat tissue. Along with improper digestion, more ama will get deposited in the body, thus creating a vicious circle that won’t put you out easily. So, it is very much important to build a stronger digestive fire and can easily be achieved with Ayurveda. 


Go easy with a vegetarian diet

A vegetarian diet is always an Ayurvedic approach and the right diet should specifically include the right portions of fruits, grains, vegetables, pulses, legumes and dairy products; in short, it is ideally a balanced diet.

The Ayurvedic approach to weight loss is strict with a vegetarian diet that includes sufficient amounts of fruit, grains, vegetables, pulses, legumes, and dairy products. The fibre-rich fruits, vegetables and pulses are the ideal ingredient to help in losing weight. Ayurvedic doctor in Dubai suggests that extra flab can be completely got ridden with the intake of the fruits like oranges, strawberries, apples, pears, grapes, and lemons, also the uncooked form of cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and cabbage in uncooked form can also be ideal if eaten in the right amount as well. 

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