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Relaxation Therapies


Relaxation massage in Dubai 

The expected Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai at Ayurcare, while you get indulged with relaxation massages, includes the rhythmic flow of long and smooth gliding strokes. It is not difficult with the profoundly unwinding pressure which would eventually be relieving chronic pain or other underlying conditions. The relaxation massage Dubai, UAE from Ayurcare treatment centre is designed to relax and soothe you and the effects of the massage take the environment to enhance account with essential oils.

We provide Abhyangam and Shirodhara as slimming massage treatments as well as to achieve rejuvenation & stress reduction. 


Abhyangam is which involves the rubbing of the human body in a coordinated way in the arterial blood flow and the direction of the hair. The treatment procedure is a tight practice with oil or ghee, herbal powders and herbal pastes, and a simple Ayurveda massage, Dubai


In the quality action of Shirodhara, the focus area is the forehead which is subjected to a continuous stream of heated herbal oil. Ayurvedic doctors in Dubai suggest it is highly efficient for the neurological system with the intention of purifying the mind and nerves. 

Benefits to achieve from relaxation massage

In the wake of getting the treatment, relaxation massages are like other styles of massages. The benefits of the Kerala Ayurveda massage for relaxation tend to capture more with the most recent in the few days as well. An unwinding pressure rub for relaxation may not be the outright remedy for any medical issue, but instead having such an application to oils is often accompanied by many advantages. Rather than working on the disease symptoms, relaxation massages available in Dubai have a serious effect on back and neck pain and bring an effective balance in the pressure variations, not for long, but at least for a while. The peripheral circulation is subjected to an improvement and reduces the muscle tensions introducing complete relief. Relaxation massages in Dubai can also be considered beauty treatments as they tend to develop complexion and appearance and even supports the healing of minor skin abrasions. The treatment procedure adopted with relaxation massages relieves all kinds of stress-related symptoms and promotes relaxation. Undergoing relaxation massage on a regular basis provides a boost to the immune system with an improved range of motion. In addition to all these, relaxation massage therapy in Dubai aims in speeding up the recovery of soft tissue injuries.  

Before Session Followings

No back rub treatment should be preceded by heavy meals or liquors. Relaxation massage therapy in Dubai is a convenient practice to flush out poisons, so to assist in the same, it is highly advisable as a smart thought to drink a lot of water. The treatment practice would take time so it would be better if you could give yourself a lot of time so that after the back rub, don’t feel hurried. Get indulged with professional relaxation therapy in a luxurious and peaceful atmosphere.

Marma Massage UAE 

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian alternative that has a great role in taking up the health challenges where marma points and relaxation therapies are the remedies to pick up with. It has long potential benefits to deal with and the rich history specifically mentions what and where the marma points are and how the right massage policy can deal ahead with relaxation. Ayurvedic massage therapy is believed to hold the practice of stimulating the different marma points with marma massage truly based on the five elements of the world. 

Ayurcare’s relaxation therapy professionals in Dubai are dedicated to giving you exotic treatments in the most soothing massage. The revitalising marma point treatment like marma massage gets involved with the deep tissues in the human body to the experience possible. Experienced massage therapists at Ayurcare offer a variety of luxurious massage services. 

The journey back with a rejuvenated healing power in oneself is safe with Ayurcare’s expert marma massage treatment services extending our comprehensive focus on the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation which would bring a well-earned break in your journey of life. According to Ayurveda, marma points are the healing spots and working on them can bring a hidden or secretive mode of relief from the concern you are looking for. Ayurcare has the experts to deal with marma’s which are the pinpoints in relaxing and calming your body and mind. Ayurveda marma massage is truly based on your energy levels and activating one among them opens the door to the body’s inner pharmacy. The marma point therapies at Ayurcare put forward a strange relaxation dive onto the deepest levels of healing that would facilitate the body, mind and spirit towards the right track. Marma points out that getting focused during the relaxation massage, Dubai and the process taps directly into the reservoir of energy, thereby promoting health. 

Marma plays an important role in wiping out diseases from the body and efficient message therapies performed on marmas help clear the chakras thereby offering a smooth flow of energy. Marma points while treated well in UAE can help you in improving your overall health and also is specifically meant for toxin removal from the body. Moreover, specific marmas are designated even for better digestion procedures as well as weight loss for obese people. Marmas have their role in making the skin clearer and also work on the inner mind and its abilities that crossover with improved mental abilities further helping in anger management too. The severe joint pains and aches also have a solution with the marmas and help in bringing a consoled relief into the ailments like arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases and even cancer.

In order to achieve betterment and ease with pain and sleep, the Relaxation Massage, Dubai, at Ayurcare benefits a lot. Specifically mention the tangents achieved while dealing with relaxation massage are the betterment of blood circulation and get to attain an increased base. Moreover, an effective aspect of the reduction of stress is also achieved which weighs more in terms of benefits in the modern era. In addition, complete relief from sore muscles is another benefit that has a lot more application to experience in UAE. They are actually intended to relieve muscle tension and relaxation massage, Dubai therapy proceeded with applied manual techniques with a focus on providing general relaxation. The relaxation massage therapy at Ayurcare is typically intended to put forward a positive impact on the health and well-being of the client. 


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