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Abhyangam Ayurvedic Treatment

Our signature Relaxation Massage includes full body oil massage with Kizhi and Steam with duration of one hour. This helps to relax muscles and relieves physical and mental strain.
The Relaxation Massage is customized according to your body type.
Anxiety & Stress is the modern-day silent killer, with day to day working style and nonstop hectic routines, People suffer various physical and mental problems.

This authentic Ayurvedic Relaxation Massage helps to calm the nerves, Rejoice & rejuvenate your body and mind.


How does this help in postnatal care?

Abhyangam improves blood circulation, removes muscle tension, relaxes body and mind, increases physical strength. These massages help to bring back the uterus to a normal position and reduce the belly.

How soon one can start postnatal therapies?

After normal delivery,one can start as early as possible.In caesarian section,one can start once the pain subsides.

Abhyangam Ayurvedic Treatment
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