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Medicated Rice Potli Therapy (Njavarakizhi)

Njavarakizhi Treatment

During this ayurvedic procedure, the whole body or any specific part of body is made to perspire by applying certain medical puddings made of njavara rice externally in the form of small sacks and tied in muslin bags.

It is helpful in healing all types of rheumatism, pain in wrists, skin condition, diabetic neuropathy and all degenerative diseases.

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In which conditions it is advisable?

It is found very effective in muscular dystrophy, arthritis, low backache, frozen shoulder, Hemiplegia and so on.

Is it a rejuvenation therapy?

It can be used as both rejuvenation and therapatic.It rejuvenates the senses and lightens the skin.

Njavarakizhi Treatment
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