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Women, the mother, nature’s centre of creation, is considerably affected by health concerns in the current period. Women’s health has to go with primary concern as the wellness of the current before and future generation is in their hands as well. To be more specific, the wellness of the whole family heavily depends on their health and happiness. Women’s bodies are a bit more complicated to understand and so is their health too. They and their body tend to experience different changes when the hormone levels fluctuate and such stages of life are to be treated with special care for them. Due to hormonal variations, they are most often subjected to different conditions like stress and degeneration as well. Ayurvedic massage Karama has effective solutions to combat these issues related to women as Ayurveda has a rich legacy as the science of life, simply about thousands of years. 


Lifelong Health – Lay the foundation at the earliest

Women tend to experience the primary change in the teenage years and that is the time they get to be subject to rapid transition. Heat, metabolism and transformation are the three factors the women’s body is mainly indulged with and the stage is totally governed by pitta dosha. Besides the overwhelming feeling, it would be an exciting and expansive time welcoming the changes of hormonal fluctuations.  


To harness the transforming power of Pitta, a well-maintained pitta pacifying diet would work and feed them with the occasional indulges too. Hormonal ups and downs are efficiently handled with a stabilised good routine and plenty of rest. Pitta energy can be transformed into a fun statement by staying active and feeling-good with teammates. Making all the connections in the independent teen all nourishing to the heart itself is a signature relief. Better nurturing with the Ayurveda packages would go brain-boosting where VATA and PITTA teas are also dorm room favourites. 


Common Health Problems Women Tend to Face

Women face several problems/ irregularities and many of them are related to the Menstrual cycle or Gynaecological disorders (Yonivyapad). Here we list a few as well that put women in trouble.  

  • Dysmenorrhea (kashtartava): Women tend to experience severe pain and cramps during menstruation and Ayurveda explains it as the causative factor of disturbed vayu movement. 
  • Menorrhagia (Asrigdara): The abnormality in the vata and the pitta doshas leads to severe bleeding thereby paving the path to back pain, lower abdomen pain and weakness. 
  • Metrorrhagia (Rakta pradara): It is a uterus-related condition causing irregular uterine bleeding between expected menstrual cycles. It is due to severe hormonal problems or problems with the uterus. 
  • Premenstrual syndrome(PMS): It is a few symptoms that happen when women expect menstruation. The symptoms like hardcore depression, mood swings, irritable tenderness in the breast and long-term fatigue. 
  • PCOS/PCOD: According to Kerala Ayurveda Massage, both of them are Kapha disorders and hormonal imbalances that occur in the reproductive age of a woman. The symptoms while the ovaries fail to release eggs include irregular or prolonged menstrual periods, heavy loss of hair, tend to cause an increase in male hormones, sudden weight gain, and an immense increase in the growth of body hairs and acne. 
  • ANAEMIA (Pandu Rog) – It is totally a different health disorder to discuss, causing a decrease of red blood cells to insufficiency. The symptoms they tend to deliver include breathlessness, severe headaches, tiredness, unbearable fatigue, weakness and frequent giddiness. 
  • DEPRESSION (avasd rog) – A condition of low confidence level and self-esteem is also a condition to be treated. Depression indeed lowers a person’s mood and loss of interaction and tends to face a lot lower in whatever activity they engage in.
  • Female infertility (bandhyatava): Most women currently experience the condition of infertility causing the hindrance to getting pregnant or having miscarriages. The common reason that leads to infertility includes endometriosis, PCOS, ovarian factors, uterus-related problems, tubal factors and finally the age factor.
  • Menopause (Rajonivrutti): Every woman is to experience menopause at the stage of 45 years – 55 years of her life. It is an imbalance between the vata and pitta doshas leading to the absence of menstruation for about 12 months. How would you get to know? They tend to experience severe headaches, hot flashes, mood swings which is the real issue, vaginal discharge and vaginal dryness. The imbalance of vata and pitta is when vata dosha aggravates leading to a decline in body tissue masses.
  • Leucorrhoea (Shweta pradara): A disturbance of white and yellow discharges is the disease explained here. It is the vaginal microflora that causes the infection which could be leading to the kinds of discharges. 
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): The infection of any part of the urinary system causing the symptoms like blood in the urine, and pain in the pelvic region as well as while urinating. An increased urge for urination is also not a good sign but one to be treated as the symptoms of a urinary infection.


The woman is unique and the best Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai extends a hand to women’s health care in the following conditions:

  • The season of menstruation
  • Pregnancy, childbirth and lactation
  • While preparing for pregnancy
  • prenatal and postnatal care
  • peri-menopausal stage

The care for long-term good health from an Ayurvedic clinic in Dubai.

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