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Do you feel yourself having slow-moving inactive digestion? Do you find your skin lacking in sheen and vitality? Is your stomach excessive in size or swollen with gas or fluid? If your answer is yes, then it is time for you to experience an Ayurvedic cleanse. Ayurvedic Massage Dubai Qusais recommends a cleaning process for your body on a frequent basis to relieve the accumulated ama or toxins and doing so will let you feel lighter, brighter, clean and clear. 


Ayurvedic clinics in Dubai offer different types of detoxification programs like self-detox and panchakarma. The self-detox plan involves a strict diet with so many herbal preparations to be carried out on a daily basis. Now the other panchakarma takes a more in-depth cleansing program that involves massages and spa services from experts. 


Come, in this article, let’s discuss the Ayurvedic detox, which you can easily get indulged in with its benefits, downsides, and side effects.


Ayurvedic Cleansing – Overview

The precepts of Ayurveda Dubai are too long and the detox or cleansing procedures are evidently a bit heavy. The common concepts in Ayurveda are the five elements namely, Vayu, Prithvi, Teja, Aakash and Jala. Now the doshas believed to form the three senses of humour include vata, kapha and pitta, those responsible for the body’s different psychological functioning. So a perfect balance between all the elements and doshas indicates proper health and all the detoxification and cleansing are meant to achieve the same. Illness means it is the imbalance between the elements and doshas and an imbalance of waste products is also considered to show off a kind of illness. 


So, as a routine keep track of your health with the right restoration of the balance that the body requires. The point to note is that each person is different and have different body specification, so the balance of doshas itself is different based solely on genetics and personality traits as they are linked to various health outcomes. The right treatment options are determined only by Ayurvedic practitioners who know the right dosha factor and the appropriate treatment options as well. Detoxifying the body through Ayurvedic practices can help you get rid of the toxins or ama and eliminate all the accumulated sessions of food, stress and other factors.


Why Detoxify Your Body?

As we said, detoxification or cleansing typically get rid of your body ama which is the by-product of incomplete digestion. The food you eat needs to undergo the right digestion procedure or else it will generate a sticky and foul-smelling form in the digestive tract. Keeping your body in the same condition matters a lot and causes the residues to move to the other areas in the body and get accumulated there. Gradually when the condition persists may allow the shrotas to cause disruptions to the nutrient flow as well as the waste removal system in the body. Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai tells that detoxification is never to be performed as a seasonal one but anytime in a year. To bring in an efficient result for the cleansing, it is better to opt for the spring season, as it gives consistent relief and goodness to your body when compared to the other seasons. The casting of the impurities would do much more for your body and Ayurveda upholds the procedure at its best. 


Cleansing Practices in Ayurveda

Bodily detox (Purvakarma and Panchakarma)

Purvakarma initially takes the toxins to your bowels followed by Shirodhara, a relaxation practice with warm oils to promote mental clarity. Panchakarma rejuvenates your body with various treatment practices like Virechan, Vaman, Basti, Rakta moksha and Nasya. The choice between the two happens depending on your body’s dosha, reestablishing the goal to remove toxins. Herbal remedies and supplements for Ayurvedic detox are common but need to the health condition of the person before deciding to take it up. 


Dietary Modification

Foods that cause toxin build-up are advised to avoid by all means to carry over a healthy lifestyle and typically each dosha factor in each different body needs a different diet plan as well. So, depending on the dosha type you are focusing on, an Ayurvedic diet plan gets assigned to you and once you are on the diet you should eat particular foods and also need to avoid some for a certain time period. The primary beverage to consume during detoxification is water and the value it has in the process is certainly not explainable. Another alternative for soothing the stomach is Ginger tea and is advised to have it before bed to cleanse your bowels. In addition, keeping a routine for each day is a must, that is to eat at the same time every day with complete focus on the plate without any sort of distractions. If necessary you can have a pleasant conversation with others around the table and try to stop at a satisfactory level instead of making your bowel full. 



Every detoxification procedure is followed by a regular massage in order to bring the toxin contents towards the body’s digestive system. Massage therapy like Abhyanga drains your lymphatic system and brings in a lot more benefits for hair and skin. 


Meditation and Mindfulness

Daily meditation and mindfulness are practices to be encouraged in daily life routine and only these can let you away from all sorts of distractions by providing more self-awareness. It is the best medicine suggested by the Kerala Ayurvedic Centre to keep you aware and present at the moment as well.

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