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Ayurveda describes obesity as a disorder where the excess fat does not diminish with bio-digestive fire in your body. The fats are depositions and digestive resistant which could be better healed with weight loss therapies in Ayurveda. Such therapies reignite the digestive fire and burn out the digestive resistant fat depositions. As per the studies, lifestyle modification is the reason for obesity and weight loss therapies focus on this aspect concentrating on natural weight loss tips that need changes in your diet and regular exercise. The best Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai deals with lifestyle modification that differs with individuals based on their body condition and the Ayurvedic weight reduction package includes

  • Udwarthanam
  • Dhanyamladhara
  • Steam bath
  • Herbal drinks
  • Customised Ayurvedic diet
  • Yoga and Exercises


Switching to Ayurveda Dubai for weight loss, going ethnic to smaller portion sizes, saying no to processed and manufactured foods, and full-loaded nutrition can be a life-changing decision for you. Better lifestyle practices are better involved with Ayurveda, which can be brought to your hands with increased walking or other exercises. In our lives, we have only one consideration to have easy improvements in food habits to help you explore the core benefits of health, paving the way to the best ever.


Ayurvedic Food and Nutrition

Ayurveda is a kind of health science that includes a plethora of information and seasonal factors that would work in accordance with the patient’s age and health status. It prescribes distinct dietary requirements going similarly hand in hand with many traditional health foods, known as Ayurvedic foods. Mindful eating is never a sin in Ayurveda and the so-suggested proper diet would in turn preserve general health and wellness. Ayurvedic clinics in Dubai hold the concept of a healthy diet & nutrition and direct you to healthy eating to match the dosa in your body in order to improve health or prevent sickness. It is with an idea that doshas are the constitutional type that influences what to consume in order.


Udwarthanam Treatment

When it comes to Ayurvedic weight-loss remedies then the popular one is Udwarthanam which involves the usage of herbal powders to contribute to a perfect tissue massage to your body. Many Ayurvedic massage centres and Ayurvedic practitioners suggest Udwarthanam for healthy weight loss. The treatment procedure starts by applying herbal oils known as choornams on the body. The same oil content is to be well absorbed by the body tissues which needs a thorough massage and aggressive rubbings. The rubbing direction also matters in Ayurveda, while dealing with Udwarthanam treatment, the choornam content is to be rubbed on the body in an upward direction. The practitioners in Ayurvedic centres in Dubai perform Udwarthanam with massage treatments to break down fat with the appropriate applications in different postures for about 15-45 minutes followed by a half-hour of full rest then a steam treatment and then a hot water bath. Udwarthanam deals properly with fat accumulation, as burning the excess fat in your body is made possible by producing enough heat during the massage. The positive outcome the human body can attain from the Udwarthanam treatment can be listed as promoting blood circulation, bodily rejuvenation, and dealing perfectly with skin texture and a variety of skin problems.

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