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Ayurveda has been an age-old medicinal system and always you need to consult with a well-experienced Ayurvedic doctor in Dubai to know how to cure your hair fall in the best way possible.


Hair Fall Reasons

There are a lot of reasons which might result in Hairfall. It might be due to nutritional deficiencies, hormonal issues, stress, oily scalps, and even dandruff. Even the way you take care of the hair can result in hair loss. Tying the hair tightly for long periods of time and using untoothed brushes are not good for the hair as well. Additionally, genetics also has a role in hair loss.

Ayurveda states that hair fall is due to the disorganisation of the “Pitta” or “Vata” energy in the system. Using ayurvedic oils provided by Ayurveda Dubai is one solution to the problem.


Determining the Kind of Treatment

Vata Dosha Imbalance

Vata Dosha means that your system is dominated by air and space elements. This results in the hair becoming dry and brittle. Shiro Abhyanga is the best treatment for such cases.

Pitta Dosha Imbalance

Fire Element dominates the system and your hairline will recede and you will experience thinning of the hair as well. The hair colour might also change slightly. Hair Tonic Oils, Yoga, and Meditation can be quite effective.

Kapha Dosha Imbalance

Here, Earth and Water Elements are at play. The hair becomes very oily and sticky. To prevent the hair from being sticky, you can use hair packs and cleansers.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Hair Loss


Shirodhara involves massaging the head with warm oils done at Ayurvedic centres in Dubai. This will lead to better circulation in the head and as a result, improves hair growth. This is a very effective and easy method to combat hair fall.


Here, Anu Taila or Ghee drops are instilled through the nose. This is recommended for people with severe hair fall. It is best practised during the rainy and autumn seasons. This practice strengthens the hair follicles.

Shiro Abhyanga

Here, the emphasis is on nourishing the hair roots and scalp. This is done by using oils like Coconut, Til, and some ‘Tailas’. This Kerala Ayurvedic centre treatment will prevent heat buildup in the hair and thus keep the hair from greying. Additionally, it nourishes the nerve endings which will give you a joyful feeling.

Hair Pack

Basically, a paste is applied on the hair scalp to keep it cool. This will help in removing dandruff and fixing split ends as well while solving the problem of hair fall. Moreover, this treatment is also used to treat conditions like Migraine, and sleeplessness. Some of the commonly used pastes include Amla with Walnut and water, lemon and besan and coconut water, etc.


You can apply herbs such as Amla, Aloe Vera, and Hibiscus on the head. They will serve the purpose of nourishing the hair.

Eat foods like carrots, Spinach, nuts, beans, and eggs which promote hair growth. They are great sources of protein and are rich in various vitamins.

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