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All About Nasyam And Its Benefits

Nasyam, one of the well-known Panchakarma procedures is the purification of the head region, the removal of excess bodily humour accumulated in the sinus, throat, nose or head. Here, at the Ayurvedic massage near me, the nose is considered the pathway to the internal systems of the body and Nasya involves the instillation of medicated liquid, powder and smoke formulations into the nostrils, primarily to cleanse accumulated Kapha Dosha and toxins from the head, nose, throat, sinus and neck regions.

Nasya at Ayurvedic clinic in Dubai refers to the nasal administration of therapeutic oil where the central nervous system is cleansed by administering beneficial oils through the nostrils. The oil is customised by the practitioner and the therapy cleanses, purifies and strengthens the nasal passages to heal underlying conditions.

The upper respiratory tract in the human body helps maintain good overall health which includes the nostrils, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, throat, pharynx and the larynx.

Importance of Nasya
Today’s environment is very polluted paving the way for so many respiratory diseases that affect society like congestion, allergies, chronic cough, rhinitis and various breathing problems. In Ayurveda prevention of these burning problems can be made through Nasya therapy and Nasya in our daily routine life can maintain a healthy lifestyle. This therapy cleanses, purifies and strengthens the nasal passages and prevents inhalation of that unwanted particle that enters through nasal passage with polluted air. Nasya increases our immune power and is proven to be highly beneficial for many daily life problems like hair fall, premature greying of hairs, chronic headache, coryza, eye diseases, etc.

Benefits of Nasya
Nasya is a diverse procedure at Ayurvedic massage, Dubai, with various oils that are used according to varying body constitutions and disease conditions.

Reduce pain perception.
Stimulates the brain thereby regulating emotions and relieving stress.
Clears mucus blockages and promotes breathing.
Improves quality of voice, tone and hoarseness of voice.
Improves memory power.
Eradicate stiffness of muscles.
Nasya is also a remedy for headaches, migraines, sinuses and cervical spondylosis.
Nasyam removes toxicity from all the channels and cavities, opening all channels from the brain, neck, nose, eyes, ear and throat.
Nasyam can improve skin complexion, improve the quality of hair texture and prevent or reduce premature greying of scalp hair.
Increase the vital capacity of the lungs.
Controls hormone imbalance.
Prevents diseases like goitre, tonsillitis, and motor disorders.Ayurvedic clinic in Dubai
It is an effective measure for reducing fear, anxiety, and negativity of the mind.
Improves skin complexion.
Alleviates chronic pain and cures insomnia.
Stimulates the neurological pathway and hypothalamus.
Contribute to the regulation of circadian rhythm and state of consciousness.
Gives extra relief from toothache and dental problems.
Helps with hemiplegia, paraplegia, diseases of the eyelid, Multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.
Used in disorders that develop with increasing age such as pain and paralysis.
Strengthening the immune system in people who show low Immunity.
Strengthens the sensory organs.
Best Ayurvedic Massage in Dubai adopts medications administered through the nasal cavity to treat nasal infections.
Act as an efficient treatment methodology in regulating vision.
Improves mood and emotions.

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