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In our current lifestyle, toxins gradually accumulate in the body causing the disease to restore the body’s natural balance while eliminating toxins and strengthening the immune system. Ayurvedic massage, Dubai, Qusais; Panchakarma treatment is the solution. It is a unique opportunity to cleanse in a yogic environment, with a daily programme of yoga classes, meditation sessions and more. The panchakarma treatments are designed to meet individual needs like rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, neck pain, disc problems including slipped disc, degenerative diseases, anxiety and other mood disorders.

Ayurveda has rightly emphasised that health is the state of the normalcy of Dosha, Dathu, Agni and Malakriya. Three doshas of the body, Vata for the nervous system, Pitta for the metabolic system and Kapha for the nutritive system; the delicate balance between these doshas are disturbed and get manifested when your body is subjected to any disease. The panchakarma treatment can help you restore the original state of equilibrium between the doshas through certain regimens and treatment modalities such as Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Vega Adharana, and Rasayana–Vajikarana and Panchakarma.
Panchakarma treatment cleanses your body including preventive, curative and promotive actions for various diseases; where PANCHA is 5 in number; and KARMA the procedures, thus the name PANCHAKARMA.

Knowing more about the panchakarma treatment, comes the oleation and fomentation. Oleation includes the use of oil or oily substance made from various homegrown and mineral ingredients externally on the body as well as internally too. This approach helps in getting out the fatty substances in a viable medium and the more profound tissues and helps in carrying the medicinal ingredients to every cell of the body, thus loosening up the toxins stuck in the cells. The fomentation treatment followed by oleation produces sweat making the tissues more flexible enough. That oleation through loosened toxins gets melted when the fomentation is performed and helps in flushing out the toxins.

Five Karmas
The body is divided into the Head, GIT (gastro-intestinal system), upper and lower. The five main Karmas dealt with at Ayurvedic massage, Karama, include

● Vamana: To clean upper gastro till the duodenum and part of the respiratory tract.
● Virechan: Cleans the lower gastro from the duodenum till the exit.
● Anuvasan Basti: Helps to take out all the lipid-soluble waste through the anus.
● Nasyam: To clean the respiratory tract and paranasal sinuses.
● Raktamokshana: The procedure of removing impure blood.

The steps of Panchakarma treatment
● Poorva Karma enables a person to receive the full benefits of the main treatment with oleation and fomentation. These methods help the body to prepare for the complete removal of toxins.
● Pradhan Karma is the main procedure and the decision on the same would be based on the poorva karma.
● Paschaat Karma or the post-therapy dietary restore the body’s digestive and absorptive capacity to its normal state.

Why Panchakarma Therapy?
The lethal load on the body due to a poor lifestyle results in poor health.
Panchakarma’s impact on this issue is quite significant and utilizes a combination of massage, homegrown saunas, special foods and nutritional directives, mellow fasting and colon treatments to free the body from accumulated toxins.

The Panchakarma program at Kerala Ayurvedic center empowers the individual’s well-being together to follow a special ayurvedic diet routine and basic oils to use at home. These will help well in animating your liver and stomach related organs, helping them to cleanse toxins.

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