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Joint Pain is the most common problem all age groups face in the current world. The same affects the normal functioning of the joints but the cause varies for each at the Ayurvedic massage.

Joint pains are mainly due to the involvement of Vata and have broadly been classified under Sandhivata ( arthritis from ageing) and Ama Vata (rheumatoid arthritis) by Ayurveda.

The painful condition of joints tends to increase during cold, winter days.

Knee or joint pain at any stage of life is painful and is so scary.
Ayurveda is a very old system of medicine that uses herbs to cure various illnesses like knee pain and joint pain; and also uses some kind of special massage therapies using herbal oils or the application of herbal paste for joint protection to reduce pain and brings in anti-inflammatory properties.

Joint pain Relief treatments in Ayurveda

In Abhyangam the vaidyas use medicated herbal oils to deal with knee pain. It includes seven different positions to overcome the situation with varied applications of pressure and strokes elevating even the slightly painful conditions depending on the health condition of the person.
Abhyangam rejuvenates the body by reducing pains and aches in the joints and also improves blood circulation and alleviates Joint pain within just a few days of this therapy thus promoting well-being.

Kizhi is an Ayurveda treatment methodology to deal with the poor condition of joints using powders, herbs, rice, and sand tied in a muslin cloth. With all these, small satchels are made and then heated and lightly pounded over the body or specific parts of the body to manage the
signs of distress as per the disease the person is suffering from. There are different types of Kizhi treatments that are classified on the basis of the ingredients used to make the Kizhi.

● PodiKizhi uses dry powdered herbs for constant joint pain.
● ElaKizhithat uses raw herbs for inflammation.
● NavaraKizhi uses Navara Rice to also deal with Arthritis pains.
● ManalKizhi uses sand particles for the painful condition of joints.

These therapies put forward by the Ayurvedic doctor in Dubai pacify the aggravated Vata and relieve the associated pain.

Greeva Basti

Greeva Basti Ayurvedic therapy targets the neck region and relieves each one from the more compromised life. They surround the joints and tissues to deal with the lifestyle diseases by the medicated oils pooled over the neck in a compartment made of wet flour of black gram and
keep ignored the same for around 30 minutes. This treatment methodology ignores the early signs of toxicity in your body and simultaneously lubricates the neck and shoulder joints and boosts the blood circulation to get rid of the inflammation symptoms when we grow older to
relieve the pain and improve flexibility. According to Ayurveda, allowing better movement of joints effectively works on the toxicity and also on the upper back pain, cervical spondylosis, and muscular strain.

Janu Basti
Janu Basti is the method of specialised herbal oil to handle the situation of losing strength over time. It is carried out with a pool over the knee in a mould made up of black gram paste or whole wheat flour for about 30-40 minutes adding flexibility to the stiff and painful knee joints to relieve them from the pain caused due to some sudden injuries. This treatment boosts the overuse of blood circulation around the knee region, which helps to reduce the swelling and the conditions such as Arthritis.

Sneha Basti
Sneha Basti is a part of Panchakarma Detoxification to detoxify your body and the causes to the bones by flushing out the toxins present in your lower body and is administered through the anal route and brings a solution to even the knee stiffness.

Kashaya Basti
Kashaya Basti is one of the important Basti Therapies used in Panchakarma. Our Ayurvedic practitioners at our Kerala Ayurvedic Centre use the treatment to cure Vata Dosha and relieve abdominal disorders. The treatment is performed on the patient by inserting a Medicated
Kashayam or Decoction into the rectum for a certain time period after proper lubrication of the rectum, and anus. After a soothing abdominal massage and a proper waste expulsion process, the entire channel is cleaned from impurities and toxins.

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