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The stage of pregnancy and the growth of the foetus is the matter of primary concern in a mother’s life. A healthy dietary regime is a regular study topic in Ayurveda and the study indicates that proper nourishment with Kerala Ayurveda massage is very essential for both the mother and foetus. The food we serve takes the nutrition or energy under the three important functions: the nourishment of the mother, the growth of the baby and the preparation of breast milk.

In a woman’s life, prenatal care has prior importance to leading a beautiful yet stress-free service. According to Ayurvedic principles, prenatal care procedures are non-invasive, natural, effective and absolutely safe through which the mother tends to experience pregnancy and delivery in a rejuvenating way. Ayurveda has a separate branch devoted to women’s and children’s health aiming to achieve well-being, normal delivery, free from complications and proper growth of the foetus as well as the mother. Ayurvedic Prenatal care ensures safe motherhood and healthy progeny through a proper dietary regimen, physical activity and mental and emotional care. In Ayurveda, there comes three divisions of prenatal care, like,

-monthly dietary regimen and lifestyle

-activities for maintenance of pregnancy and better progeny

-Avoidance of activities which are harmful to the foetus

As pregnancy is the most rejuvenating experience of a woman’s life and opting for Ayurveda during pregnancy and delivery can help the mother to be free from health concerns after pregnancy.

The dietary suggestions from the best Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai during pregnancy include:

Dairy Products:

  • Milk twice a day boosts the immunity, complexion and ojas of the baby and mother and the same also helps in varying the calcium level in the body, bouncing them to the desired level.
  • A glass of homemade Buttermilk increases appetite, improves digestion, reduces gastric problems, and swelling and prevents constipation too, to make the mother free from all the difficult stages of pregnancy.
  • Homemade ghee made of cow’s milk goes highly favourable in dealing with the mental abilities of the mother and the baby.
  • Butter provides strength and glows on the skin of both mother and baby. Ayurvedic clinics in Dubai contribute towards increasing the appetite and further preventing constipation.

2.Foods to Avoid

The pregnancy stage usually needs to avoid all kinds of artificial flavours, preservatives and chemical additives, frozen or canned foods, cold drinks, aerated drinks and many more.


Iron tablets are a common medicine that is prescribed for all pregnant women. It is because Iron is a very necessary content for both pregnant women and baby foetus. Iron can also be consumed from natural sources and so can avoid the side effects caused by taking Iron tablets.


 Always remember to include protein sources in your diet like pulses, sprouts, dal, eggs, lentils, and wheat Rotis.

5.Water and Fresh Juices:

 Water intake has to be more than usual and make sure you frequently opt for some good rejuvenating drinks too. Freshly prepared juices can help you with many nutritional benefits for both mother and baby.


 Saffron with warm milk can help you in enhancing skin colour and strengthens the heart of the foetus.

7.Fruits & Dry Fruits:

 According to Ayurveda treatment in Dubai, pregnant women need to consume at least one fruit and dry fruits daily, but take care to strictly avoid papaya, pineapple, kiwi and milkshakes.


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