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In Ayurveda,Rtu charya (seasonal regimen ) is specifically designed for each and every season  to stay healthy .The summer season ( Grishma rtu) brings reduction of strength in persons due to the sharp rays of sun and the dry wind.Even when we enjoy the hottest season ,skin requires a careful thought over time.Sun damage can lead to premature greying,tanning,dryskin,marks wrinkles etc.Rehydration with plenty of liquid intake is necessary during this peroid.Ayurcare recommends you  Njavara facial and a full body cleansing with a body wrap as a solution. Njavara facial.A unique combination of Navara rice, processed by decoction of herbs and milk into kizhi is used for facial.Benefits:

  • It has a major antiageing effect .
  • Removes dryness of skin
  • moisturises the skin, cleanses the pores
  • strengthens the facial muscles
  • nourishes the skin cells
  • removes tan and helps to improve complexion

Deep full body cleansing and herbal wrapIn this process the whole body is cleaned by special herbal extracts and then massaged with herbal creams.There after ,a specially prerpared herbal pack is applied all over the body ,depending up on the  type of the skin and body constituition.Once the body is covered in the herbal pack,you are then wrapped and this will effect in cleansing the skin pores ,enhancing the complexion and removing the wrinkles and stretch marks.This  therapy focuses on relaxing your skin as well as mind and body.

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