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Bursitis is a painful condition that affects the small fluid filled sac called Bursae.Bursae are fluid filled sacs that acts as a cushion between bones,tendons ,joints and muscles.when these sacs become inflamed it is called bursitis.
The most common locations for Bursitis are
Shoulder,Elbow,Ankles,Hip,Knee,Heel,Base of Big toe,Buttocks.


Overuse,injury,RheumatoidArthritis, etc.


Pain that increases with movement or pressure,Swelling,loss of movement,Tenderness even with out movement,pain lasting longer than 2 weeks,Sharp shooting pains,ExcessiveSwelling ,bruising,rash,or redness in the affected region,fever.

Ayurvedic Management

Pichu, pizhichil along with Internal medicines.
Dr Devi Girish
Dr Varsha Deepesh
Ayurcare Ayurvedic wellness centre.

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