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How Ayurveda Can Take Care Of Your Heart

The important part of our body is the heart and it blesses you with a trouble-free life. It lets you do almost anything you want and if you are serious about an illness affecting your heart, you rush to consult a doctor at Ayurveda treatment in Dubai, as it is the organ that drives us with life.
Instead, Ayurveda owns a number of home remedies and guidelines to help you get relief from heart problems. In the current lifestyle, various heart ailments are going on a mercurial rise and it gets hold of anyone of any age. Conventional medicines have been getting applied to even youngsters, as they are on the track of mild to severe heart problems. In some serious conditions of the heart, the conventional treatments come in aid and the credibility of those cannot be neglected at any cost. Conventional medicines for heart diseases are obviously associated with super side effects and on the other side effects and they seem to be expensive too. All this doesn’t mean that people are not allowed to have healthy and disease-free hearts. Conventional medicines cannot guarantee that, but the science of Ayurveda can.
Heart health gets affected by emotional outbursts, stress, poor dietary practices and lifestyle. The natural remedies of Ayurveda do not bring any side effects and keep the heart pumping healthily for a longer time. According to Ayurveda, heart health is mainly associated with emotional balance, stability and strength and blood flow and beat, which all brings an overall balance to the body.

Ayurveda and Heart

Our Ayurvedic massage centre in Karama considers the heart as a place in our body which is associated with a diverse range of physical involvement and energetic pathways that intersect and cross across. Many components of the nervous system either originate from, reside within, or pass through the heart and all those lie significant enough to keep the heart lively, strong and healthy.
The heart plays a crucial role in a number of internal bodily channels and the crossroads among pathways are intimately connected to the heart chakra.

Keep the Cholesterol level under control

To consider the Ayurvedic remedy in hand for heart health, you need to keep the cholesterol level under control, which can be made possible by avoiding all foods that are oily in nature. What is the connection of these oily foods with the heart? Kerala Ayurveda massage centres suggest avoiding oily foods such as fries and processed foods that cause blockages in your arteries, so keeping them under your control can make you a person with a healthy heart.

Say Goodbye to Stress

Now comes the section, heart and mental health. As per Ayurveda, mental health plays a major role in keeping the heart healthy. A healthy heart is in need of a calm and peaceful mind, and the stress involved in your lifestyle can take its toll on your cardiovascular system. Stress can take you into a different mode of life which is hectic with diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity; all of which in turn causes a considerable strain on your heart.

Eat right

A healthy heart is an essential need in one’s life and the ride towards a healthy heart requires one to keep up a heart-accommodating eating routine. Make sure you are always nourished, light and warm to own a phenomenal healthful backing.

Natural Remedies for a Healthy Heart

Here, we list some Ayurvedic remedies as per the best Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai, that help
in energising the heart safe and sound.
● Neermaruthu or Arjuna Tree
● Garlic
● Ashwagandha
● Guggulu

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