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Joint pain arising from Arthritis is a physical condition that has caused many people a lot of problems. If you do have joint pains and face inflexible wrists and limbs, it is time to consult a well experienced Ayurvedic doctor in Dubai, as they will pinpoint what treatment you need to take at home. Did you know the natural ayurvedic treatments that have traditionally originated in Kerala, India, are known to be highly effective to cure such ailments?  The process in Ayurveda is very gradual but highly beneficial. We have listed some of the commonly available herbs that are used in Ayurvedic arthritis treatment in Dubai to cure pain in the most passive manner.

Ajwain is better known as Carom seeds around the world. You can use these seeds to relieve any inflammation in the body. Especially during the winter months, place the seeds in warm water and soak the parts for good relief. The swelling will reduce and it will also alleviate the pain drastically.

Ginger is one of the Indian spices that you can use in your daily cooking. It helps in digestion and keeps infections away. You can get the best Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai when you are in pain. This can be done with the help of ginger paste, ginger tea, or brew ginger in oil. This can be applied to the joints to increase body heat and bring about uniform blood circulation.

This is available in the form of oils and can be applied on the knees, back, fingers, etc when you suffer from arthritis related problems. The tannin content in eucalyptus leaves can alleviate the pain that comes due to joint and muscle pain.

This is one of the effective Indian herbs used in reputed Ayurvedic centres in Dubai to cure the pain that people suffer in their joints. You can buy this herb in the form of medicated oils and even powders. They can be used after the proper consultation with an ayurvedic doctor. It is known to build blood circulation and will improve the mobility status of the person. You can use it regularly as it brings down the stiffness of the joints and reduces the swelling in the joints.

Next time you or any of your loved ones have a case of Arthritis, you can ask your ayurvedic doctor in dubai to explain how to use the Nirgundi. This is a lovely herb used to cure various joint pains at all ages. As we age, there will be many times when the joint pain severity will increase for no reason at all. So, that time, use the leaves of the Nirgundi herb, grind them to a paste and boil with a little oil and apply. It has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties, relaxing the muscles quickly.

For those who have read this page, we hope it has been useful for you. You can either consult with an Ayurveda doctor or even stack up these herbs in your pantry. Have a tea infused with such herbs and apply the oil regularly to see a positive difference.

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