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Marma Massage is a key treatment offered for rejuvenation and strengthening at many Ayurvedic centers across the world. It is a treatment practice to counteract the flexibility and movement-related issues in the body together preventing injuries and pain-related conditions as well. 

Marma Points Overview

Marma points are specific points in the human body that have the power to heal. They are the junction points of consciousness and matter, so to work on it, a thorough knowledge of Ayurvedic energy anatomy is very much essential. Nadis are the channels which hold the life circulating force in our body and the Vedic wisdom says that a physical body holds about 72000 nadis. Enlivening the human body happens with such rivers of life and among them, moreover, the marma points hold the key to one’s life through which prana exits the nadis and enters the physical body. 

Together with 107 in the physical body and one marma point in the mind, in the human body you tend to deal with about 108 marma points in total. The marma points on the physical aspect are namely the bone tendons, the tissues where vein and nerve points meet, moreover, muscles and joints also have the corresponding role. Each marma point has its effect in keeping the various parts of the body and the ancient healing physicians have mapped them out to the specific locations. As per the mapping specified, each marma point corresponds to a specific function like the function of prana Vayu, to an extended effort on the physical channel and moreover the constitutional type too. 

The health lies when there is a thorough flow of prana from Nadis to the marma points. Any disruption caused to this flow of energy would impair the health condition. So, what are the practices that would disrupt the energy flow? The hindrance to the flow of prana through marma points happens for a plethora of reasons and among them, each one is countable too. A few among them are:

  • When the food consumed is devitalized
  • very less sleep pattern 
  • Both physical as well as emotional stress
  • A lifestyle with zero movements
  • severe subjection to Pollution
  • When to deal more with unnatural lighting
  • Practices that extend insufficient connection with the nature


What is a Marma points massage?

Specifically, while your search for Ayurveda massage, near me, ultimately, the marma points therapy focuses on the biochemistry of the human body and as a result, they get subjected to change and improvement. With this, the needs of your body are typically met and it is believed to extend a helping hand in the stimulation of your internal organs, the chemicals involved in different processes and hormones with the release of stagnant energy. The marma massage therapy involves the gentle stimulation of the marma points around your body. To perform the marma massage therapy the evident knowledge is necessary and at most Ayurvedic centers the trained massage therapists do the job with Ayurvedic medicines. The various marma points and their functions are thorough for the trained massage therapists and they uphold their extensive knowledge in the session too. To increase the benefits of the massage the therapists would consider the usage of aromatic oils and even the infused herbs. 

The marma massage is a massage technique performed with herbal oils and is practically proven to be a manual therapy. As a method to add an enhancement to the treatment Herbal poultices are used as a transport mechanism and marma applications are also used to get more deeply penetrated to the affected tissues. Out of the massage therapy system, marma massage is the prominent one and is considered to be efficient and very much effective for musculoskeletal treatments. In the ancient system, marma massage was a well-known treatment practice to treat and prevent combat-related injuries and Ayurvedic weight loss treatment. Here the treatment focuses on the conditions and ability of performance which has been proven helpful for a wider range of people today. For this reason, it is widely adopted as an effective option for the treatment of injuries, movement dysfunctions and chronic pain.  

Benefits of Marma Massage

1) Practice of healing and caring from within: The factors like good health and happiness lie within and no such factors lie outside your body. Knowing the basics and more in-depth on marma therapy can help you find health and happiness from within without relying on anything around.

2) With Marma Therapy, both a distal and local sense of relief is obtained from the depth.  

3) The good healing session of marma therapy is intended to wipe out all the unwanted toxins that are readily getting accumulated in the body. 

4) It is readily helpful in improving the features like the absorption of food and digestion in the body.

5) Marma therapy is a specialized methodology to deal with a healing session and suitably contributes to the improved functioning of the body organs.

6) glowing and healthier skin is also an attractive output you could achieve with Marma Therapy.

7) Marma Therapy helps in better detoxification and it is ideally beneficial at all levels as well.

8) To attain a better deeper sleep Marma Therapy is at the aid. The mental abilities are improved with marma therapy as it tends to remove the neuro chemicals such as serotonin and melatonin.

9) A better perspective of treatment or massage is made possible with marma therapy. 

10) The general qualities also get improved with marma massage and to go specifically with such qualities means they are the consciousness and awareness.

11) An effective marma massage indeed works on the longevity of human health and they are intended to increase creativity as well as the renewal of life energy.

12) The body’s temperature level is also well balanced with the treatment practice like marma therapy. 

13) A regular practice of marma therapy works effectively towards the betterment of the body’s immunity, psychological systems, digestive system, respiratory systems and even neural systems. 


Likewise, marma therapy offers an opportunity to connect with a deeper connection by releasing a level of excess energy in your body, thereby establishing a deeper connection with your body, mind, and spirit.


Marma Massage is highly recommended for:

  • Offers a stage of recovery from injuries from martial arts, exercises like yoga and art forms like dances.
  • Saves from the imbalances of Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Relieves both acute and chronic pain conditions
  • The stiffness and pain caused to the muscles and joints get reduced
  • Permanent relief from chronic pains is guaranteed with the marma massages. The spots subjected to such pains are back causing difficulty in overall movement, severe knee pain letting to sit and stand even, the pain condition caused due dysfunctioning of the discs at the neck and shoulder pain that takes you to a condition with difficulty in lifting hands and standing straight. 
  • The major nerve-extending condition named Sciatica is better cured on the aspect of marma massage. 
  • Ayurvedic centres in Dubai suggest literally for joint inflammation diseases like Arthritis seem to bring a stable condition with a marma massage.
  • The injuries to strains and sprains occurring on a repetitive condition are better cured and reduce their recurring occurrence. 
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