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Dr Asha Mundath

Our Team Of Experts

We are registered with Department of Health and Medical Services in Dubai and consists of a team which includes Doctors of Ayurveda, Professionals in Aesthetics and Naturopathy, Qualified Therapists and Technicians for Ayurvedic Treatments.
Ayurvedic Doctor Asha Mundath

Dr Asha Mundath

Ayurveda Practioner
Dr Asha, completed her Bachelors and Post graduation degree from KVG Medical college, Karnataka in the year 2006. After her course she worked with S G V Ayurveda college and KVG medical college.She also has experience in the field of Ayurvedic medicines and also updated with modern methods of its production. She had more than 6 years of clinical experience in Dubai. She is highly skilled in performing Panchakarma and Kerala specialized Therapeutic procedures. In addition to her excellent academic records, she acquired sharp skills in diagnosis of ailments through interactions with scholarly vaidyas. She maintains a holistic approach in treatments which has brought marvellous results.
education: MD - DHA and MOH Licensed Ayurveda practioner