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Post natal care can be defined as the care which a women should receive after delivery.According to Ayurveda,the term soothika kala (post natal peroid ) means the peroid after the delivery till the next menstrual cycle.During the process of delivery ,vata (one among the tridoshaas) plays a main role ,which will be more after the delivey also.And also digestive power,physical and mental strength will be less during this peroid.Ayurveda aims at bringing the doshas to normalcy through the postnatal care.In case of normal delivery,a rest of 3 months and in caesarian section 4-5 months is advised.Postnatal care icludes both internal and external medications.Ann ideal postpartum care includes External body care,Internal medications ,mental care and Post partum diet.Internal medications can be given in 3 stagesThe first stage of medicines include pippalyasavam,Panchakolasavam,asokarishtam,Dasamoolarishtam and so on.These are for maintaining general health,toning up of nerves and muscles and keep away flatulance.The second stage include Dasamoolam kashayam,dhanwantharam kahayam,Dhanwantharam gulika to balance the vata dosha.The third stage of medicines include chyavana prasam,Aswagandha rasayanam,Satavari gulam,Pulilehyam etc  to improve the body strength,for increasing lactation and to bring back uterus in its normal size.Internal care gives import ance to physical fatigue,body aches,constipation problems and digestive problems.This include mental care also ie,by balancing the hormonal changes during the peroid.External therapies( care) include oil bath and kizhi with Dhanwantharam thailam,Pindathailam or Balaswagandhadi thailam and so on.A hot medicated water bath is compulsory after the oil application.Vethukuli (medicated water bath) helps to strengthen lower back ,strenthens ligaments,tendon,and muscles.This is prepared with bala,nalpamara and some special herbs. After the oil bath tummy is wrapped with cloth for toning muscles and bringing the organs in normal position.External care deals with changes in body shape,breast feeding problems ,nipple care,hair loss etc.POSTPARTUM DIETPost partum diet should be healthy whole some meal including vegetables,fruits,grains etc.Warm water,freshly cooked food are the preferable choices.Fasting is contraindicated in postpartum peroid.BABY CAREMassage( Abhyangam) is done with Lakshadi,Nalpamaradi  or Eladi keram.This is to improve complexion and nourishes the skin.Uramarunnu gulika is usually given weekly with breast milk.DR DEVI GIRISH,AYURCARE AYURVEDIC WELLNESS CENTRE,QUSAIS

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