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ayurvedic treatment in Dubai
Heard about Ayurveda Skincare treatments? Well, this is no one magic solution, but one that heals the skin from within. That is why it stands to be the best skin treatment globally to date.

Do you know the power of our human skin? It grows, depletes, gets nourished, and ages externally and that is why you need to take care of this part with utmost care. The market today sells a lot of magical one-stop solutions for anti-ageing and clearing the skin from various issues, but they all have their side effects. They may be powerful, but the chemical processes involved do impact silently behind the scenes.
This is why Ayurveda has been proven to be one of the effective methods to protect and nourish the skin. If you have chronic skin problems, it is best to look for authentic ayurvedic treatment in Dubai in Dubai that gives natural treatments, oils, massages, and guidance on restructuring the skin composition in the right manner.

How do you know what Ayurvedic Treatment is good for your skin?
For those, who need to get familiar with what is done in an Ayurveda treatment in Dubai, this is a comprehensive treatment where massages, facials, hair treatments, oil massages, and herbal skin treatments are formulated to suit the skin issues that a person has. Therefore, when you meet an Ayurvedic practitioner, you will get to know there are thousands of skin care formulations for each skin type.
In Ayurveda, three basic aspects are considered to blend in successful ayurvedic skin care treatments.
Vata – The Wind aspect
Pitta – The Fire aspect
Kapha- The Water and Earth aspect

Vata – The Wind aspect
This includes dry skin that has less fat and can get wrinkled when exposed to sunlight, dry climates, and needs a lot of moisturizing to be maintained well. For this, when you consult our best Ayurvedic doctors, they will give medicines that are best to nourish the skin both internally and externally, so that the PH balance is maintained.

Pitta – The Fire aspect
Do you have acne and greasy skin all the time? This is what Pitta is all about. Since it brings on inflammations, the name is associated with fire bursting and heating the body. When the best ayurvedic treatment in Dubai takes care of your skin, we ensure that natural anti-inflammatory ingredients are used to reduce such skin eruptions and cool the body. This will include wild turmeric, aloe vera, and other treatments to clean pores and reduce oily skin tendencies.

Kapha- The Water and Earth aspect
The last one in the picture is the Kapha, which is a combination of both and is a bit complicated to treat. Usually, the person will experience oily skin with cold, dry skin, yet will have pimples out of the blue. There will be the presence of black and whiteheads and we usually suggest cleaning as one of the major cleaning methods for this type. With Ayurveda, you will experience the soothing exfoliation processes with natural herb powders, and face masks that drive out the excess oil stored in the facial pores.

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