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Ayurvedic Wellness Center LLC, a renowned Ayurveda health institution in Dubai, specializes in authentic Kerala massages under the supervision of Ayurvedic doctors. With more than a decade of expertise, our Ayurcare professional treatments have become a household name for quality-oriented body massages in Dubai. Our massages are individually crafted, and the combination of oils, spices, and herbs aligned with the principles of Kerala Ayurveda. This unique blend carries curative and preventive properties., benefiting the human body.

The qualified staff at Ayurcare Ayurvedic Wellness Center have years of expertise in the ancient Ayurvedic systems. The committed facility provides alternative therapies together with all the amenities and customs required for the body’s natural healing and regeneration process. Ayurvedic treatments of all kinds, herbal beauty care, and slimming treatments are among the therapies offered. Our expertise supports a variety of Ayurvedic massages and treatments with a traditional background that emphasizes internal regeneration and healing. Our professionals offer ayurvedic therapies for autoimmune and degenerative diseases, loss of weight, skincare, haircare, and mental wellness, as well as detailed body and skin type analyses.

As the Best Ayurvedic Centre discover our crafted Kerala Ayurvedic center in Dubai, where our proficiently trained team ensures your safety and satisfaction. Our therapists prioritize personalized care, offering one-on-one consultations to address your specific concerns and tailoring ayurvedic massage oils for your maximum benefits.


The expression “health is wealth” is frequently repeated, but over time, the foods we eat, the particles we breathe, and our urban lives in Dubai may all diminish our energy and beauty. This will have a significant impact on both emotional and physical well-being. Because of this, Kerala ayurvedic physicians will assist the body in renewing itself, removing impurities, and rejuvenating itself from the inside out.

One of the leading Ayurveda centers in Dubai, our doctors follow a tailored approach, delivering medicines in alignment with authentic Kerala Ayurveda practices. With a reputable track record, we specialize in holistic healing through Ayurvedic massages, rejuvenating therapies, stress management, mental health treatments, as well as Ayurveda solutions for joint pain and body injuries. If you are uncertain about your health, consult with our ayurvedic doctor in Dubai for personalized advice on dietary choices and natural treatments to nurture your body back to health.

Our skilled ayurvedic doctors in our Dubai center have faithfully followed this traditional type of Kerala healing technology. Using natural ayurvedic remedies to preserve our customer’s youth and beauty is one of the basic problems we diagnose and treat. We think that if an ayurvedic-themed lifestyle is followed regularly, the flow of life can be restored to normal. This is an ayurvedic weekly and monthly repair and regeneration procedure that uses only natural oils infused with herbs, not a one-time treatment.

As the Best Ayurvedic centers in Dubai, we promote a healthy lifestyle by using natural solutions that work. In terms of fostering health and wellness, our group of ayurvedic physicians with DHA and MOH qualifications leads the way. Committed to a holistic healthcare approach encompassing physical mental and spiritual aspects.



Experience a unique approach to body and treatment at our Ayurvedic center, setting it apart from any other in the UAE. Embracing the life that each body is special, our ayurvedic body massage is tailor-made for individual needs. Visiting our specialized center in Qusais or Karama, Dubai, allows you to discover the transformative benefits of holistic treatments offered by Ayurveda doctors. Our ayurvedic treatment stands as a truly one-of-a-kind and excellent experience, unlike any other therapy previously encountered in the UAE.

At our Ayurvedic center, we prioritize traditional medical treatments in our Ayurvedic care. Our doctors prepare each massage treatment with hygienically sourced, organic herbs. Transforming them into oils and medicines with precision and care, our best ayurvedic treatments are tailor-made to address your specific needs. Explore the holistic approach our ayurveda doctors offer by visiting our ayurvedic treatment centers in Qusais and Karama in Dubai.

Treatments offered byAyurcare – Ayurvedic Wellness Center





Medicated Powder Massage

Fermented Decoction Bath

Oral Medications

Detox Therapies


Localized Oil Bath

Herbal Bandage

Potli Therapy

Oil bandage


Anti-Ageing Skincare Program

Acne Scar Skin pigmentation


Herbal Facial

Rice Husk Facial


Therapeutic Emesis

Therapeutic Purgation

Medicated Enema



Prenatal Care

Postnatal Care


Anti Dandruff Treatment

Herbal hair pack

Oil Bandage for Head


Herbal rice pack Massage

Medicated Eye Wash

Medicated Eyes Cleansing

Eye pack


Herbal Spinal Bath

Herbal Decoction Bath

Medicated Buttermilk Bath

Medicated Rice Potli Therapy

In Dubai, Qusais, Ayurcare is renowned for its excellent moral standards and flawless principles, which it maintains through the delivery of high-quality services. Our staff comprises highly competent, experienced doctors and massage therapists who are well-qualified and economical, enabling us to offer the best ayurvedic massage in Dubai. By maintaining traditional essences, ayurcare’s Ayurvedic approach to curing sickness offers processes to obtain premium Ayurvedic treatments and holistic Kerala massage therapies. We present broad strategies for a healthy you and, in line with that, provide customized approaches to well-being.

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